Astiage international trade & consultancy started at 2016, with main office in Boras, Sweden and has grown from modest beginnings into a global player. Our financial performance has matched our growth since the first year of operations.

We have a structured and risk aware approach to conducting business, acknowledging the inherent challenges present in the industry in which we operate. The scope of expertise within the company allows for innovative modelling and management of exposures and makes us a reliable, trustworthy and ultimately preferred business partner.

We are a management consulting firm offering Supply of industrial and marine machinery, equipment, tools, spare parts, import, export, marine transport services as well as marketing, marine consultancy, industrial technical, operations and technology consulting services to our clients. We exist because we love to do the work.

We’ve created a place where our ideas and opinions are grounded in experience, analysis and facts, leading to real problem solving and real solutions – a truly collaborative experience with our clients making their business our business.

We focus on getting the work done and prefer to let our work speak for itself. When we do speak, we don’t talk about ourselves, but rather about what we do for our clients. We’re proud of the strong character our entire team brings, the high intensity in which we thrive, and above all, doing great work.

Business strategy

We works with clients to define and execute strategic initiatives that drive sustainable growth and profitability for their organizations. Whether assessing new opportunities to expand market share, creating competitive advantage and differentiation in the market, developing business cases or bringing new products to market, our clients rely on our experience and ability to take their ideas from strategy to execution.

Our goal is to offer our customers a cost-effective and customized logistics solution with a high level of service


Astiage has grown to be a global trader of machinery, tools, spare parts, marine equipment, and marketing consultancy.

Our tailored approach leverages our experience and leading practices relevant to our clients, their products and industry. We bring a flexible process and ability to work with you to deliver measurable results.

We are specialist in supply of marine equipment, spare parts, industrial machinery and tools.

Our team of sales and marketing executives promote and supply a range of safety products and system for the land, marine, aviation and industrial machinery, spare parts and tools users. Our customers include shipping companies, shipyards, offshore platforms, aircraft maintenance facilities and industrial companies.
We have been very focused on growing our business, serving our existing customer base to the best possible standards and winning new customers in new market segments

Our business revolves around commodities trading, marketing and supply chain management.  We have successfully established a global presence as one of the world’s participants in the commodities trading industry – including building long-term strategic relationships with important players (producers and end-users) within the market.

Our continued strong performance has given us a solid foundation upon which to grow. Starting off as a marketer of Marine equipment and industrial tools and machinery.



Our approach to business process design and optimization is centered on defined process levels, systems, organizations, owners, data, metrics, controls, reports, time and cost. We work across several process frameworks to achieve business process optimization for our clients.

We provide business strategy services to established companies in addition to helping entrepreneurs through our Start-up and Emerging Company Strategy services.

Our depth of experience spans across several areas of business analysis including Problem Definition and Analysis, Market and Industry Analysis, Product Viability Analysis, Business Process Analysis, Re engineering and Optimization, Requirements Gathering and Data Analysis.

We believe in the power of ideas whether they are ours, our clients or third parties. We encourage our consultants to publish their ideas and to read widely both inside and outside their domain of expertise. We are unafraid to reference and attribute the thinking of others if we feel it will help our clients, in fact we share our own ideas under a creative commons license to help facilitate others idealization.